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Install WebKit on Ubuntu Jaunty

In the NYC Learning Network projects, we've been doing a lot recently with using a webapp on an iPhone (here's our first stab at a search engine using Eric Sanderson's brilliant Mannahatta data). There's all kinds of ways to do this (we're most excited by PhoneGap). For me, as a Ubuntu Linux user, this is pretty great--I can help develop large pieces of the application without dealing with Apple and its locked-down way of doing things. There's just one problem--I really need to see how it works with WebKit, the engine behind Safari and other browsers.

Beryl Rules

It really does. Check out the features. I just started running it on my Ubuntu laptop. Kick ass!

Just one more reason to start moving over to Linux. Yes, I'm the only dork in the department (that I know of) who is running Linux full time, with the exception of Dave D. But, a few years from now, there'll be many more of us. And they'll be rocking Beryl, too.

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