Notes From OSI, WordForge Brainstorm

  • Managers
    • Translation Memory
    • Terminology
    • What's the difference between terminology and translation memory
      • how it's managed?

Notes From Interface, 2006-11-01

  • Homework
    • Develop and present
      • non-linear narrative of your journey from home to school
  • New Project
    • Five or Six Weeks


So, I saw Cameron B's Electrosketch project at dorkbot tonight. Really, really cool stuff. Inexpensive, but really engrossing and with a lot of depth to it. A Sharpie with an infrared LED is tracked by a hacked webcam that has its IR filter removed and a piece of 35mm exposed film put in its place. The computer, running proce55ing, locates the pen and generates vertices in OpenGL that form strands. The strands formed these great different shapes depending on the direction in which the vertices were generated, which was controlled by a custom box hooked up to serial.

Notes from CC, 2006-10-31

  • Katie Salen
  • Homework
    • Read the first three chapters of Kurtzweil
    • Mander: speed read the four arguments
    • AI Lecture after that

Notes From Interface, 2006-10-30

So, I'm trying out a class notes blogging idea, dropping my class notes into my blog from the VYM app. See below for my notes from Major Studio: Interface on October 30, 2006.

Elevator Dictionary

Hsinping and I made a visual dictionary for people on an elevator together to communicate with each other, dealing with a very delicate subject. See if you can guess what it is!

Night on Earth

Night on Earth

A little proce55ing app that uses OpenGL to light up the Earth-like texture based on the time of day. Also has a weird springy bit. Not exactly revolutionary, but fun.

Click to see Night on Earth.

Tag, I'm It!

The design is still bare bones, but now there are tags, pages, places for me to actually upload content (and document my work.) This will definitely make my life easier.

Drupal For Everyone!

Continuing with the mass install of Drupal everywhere (coming soon to the men's room,) I've converted my site into a state of pervasive drupalitude. Hopefully, this will help me keep up with my posting and documentation. As much as I loved the old site (and as much as I loathe having to recode the old design into Drupal,) the interface for the old site just wasn't up to the fast pace of uploads and docs that I'm working with now.

So, Drupal. It's like the Borg, but bluer.

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