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Text From the Final CC Podcast

We've had a lot of fun talking about technology and we're it's going this semester. And, I think, most students' view of the future is somewhere between the dystopian horror stories and the utopian dream worlds. And that's all well and good. Everyone's entitled to their opinions. For now. But no one seems to actually be preparing for the future they see coming. Oh sure, we're learning all sorts of great skills that will help us out in the next few years. But I'm talking long term here. I'm talking ROBOT ARMY.

The U.S government has made several well publicized forays into military robot technology, most recently with their armed UAV programs. Other nations are starting to follow suit, such as South Korea and India. The prospect of an all-mechanized army, coming out of some nation in the world, during my lifetime is not terribly unlikely. And, given recent events, it's entirely likely that the army will be extraordinarily advanced and really, really miserably managed.

Stompy City

Stompy City is a physical computing/processing application that uses a serial interface to create a city based on the user's stomping on the ground. Fun! (But you can't play the applet over the internet, because it uses serial and a custom device!)

View Stompy City.

Notes from CC, 2006-10-31

  • Katie Salen
  • Homework
    • Read the first three chapters of Kurtzweil
    • Mander: speed read the four arguments
    • AI Lecture after that

Night on Earth

Night on Earth

Night on Earth

Night on Earth

A little proce55ing app that uses OpenGL to light up the Earth-like texture based on the time of day. Also has a weird springy bit. Not exactly revolutionary, but fun.

Click to see Night on Earth.

Creativity and Computation

Theory with Sven. Really fun, wide range of assignments, and we get to make podcasts and other weird stuff! Check out some of my work so far:

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