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Dumbest Coding Article Ever

Okay, this really tears it for me. No more Salon.com. And it's because of an article called "Why Johnny Can't Code".

With that kind of headline, that article should have been great for me. It is exactly the kind of area I'm investigating--how we fail at teaching code to novices.

Turns out, it's a three-page rant that we don't have command-line Basic anymore. The author makes a huge leap from this to saying that kids aren't exposed to the "nitty-gritty" anymore and, therefore, our civilization is doomed. Huh?

The Algorithm

This is the python script I used to determine the winners and losers among my box designs. Each box had a genome that encoded its color, saturation, size, and opacity. Boxes with more votes were allowed to mate. The rest were crushed. Circle of life.


In the summer of 2006, I got a sneak peek at the MFADT program by taking this month-long crash course. Made a lot of crazy stuff, met a ton of great people, and never slept a wink. Good times.

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