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Machinima Design Jam

Inti Einhorn, Becky Heritage and I put together a crrrrazy physical-computing piece that uses clips pulled from the Sims game to re-enacted the famous (or infamous) Milgram experiment.

Here is a brief clip of what we have:

Extracurricular Activities

It's not just about what happens in class. Lots of good things going down all the time. I've been involved in:

  • Student Teaching: I ran several workshop sessions on various topics, such as:
    • Basic Python
    • RSS for Podcasting
    • Python and PyHP
  • 24-Hour Machinima Design Jam: Rough stuff, but well worth the effort.

Sound and Vision with Max/MSP

Max/MSP (and it's open-source cousin PureData) are great ways to get multimedia applications up and running in no time. Plus, it's just a really fun class.

  • Gravity Ball
  • Gamepad Video Controller
  • Automated Blues Band
  • Midterm: Cryptogram

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