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Experiments with Technology

Assignments, notes, and other content related to the Experiments with Technology course.

Experiments with Technology Week 1 Homework

For the homework, you need to do the three things listed on the syllabus:

  • Install processing at home or on your laptop (available at processing.org)
  • Find an example you like from the processing site (look around the Learning section), run it in your copy of processing, and export it. Post the exported pages on your student website.
  • The arm measuring problem:

    "If a patient is older than 18 and weighs less than 40, or if a patient is younger than 5 and weighs less than 15, print "Measure the arm". "

    Write a processing "sketch" that accomplishes the above problem by looking at an age and weight variable and printing out the correct result.

The following pages can help:

Integers and Floats
Greater Than
Less Than
Println (print line)

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