Quick Test of Jetpack's Select and Slidebar for Reflecting Pool

Just finished the first seminar for the Jetpack for Learning competition. I was inspired to try out a quick-and-dirty take on our "notebook" idea from the original concept. If you have Jetpack installed, drop this in the Develop editor window and try it out.

  var html = jetpack.selection.html;

I kind of like it. I highlighted a few things on the Jetpack page, then did a bit on Wikipedia. It has the feeling of a scrapbook there. I'd definitely want a bit more feedback about what each "snippet" is in my notebook, plus a way to control the amount of SlideBar tabs that get created (would love for the notebook to just be one tab there, maybe). And there probably ought to be an prompt (optional?) or indicator that this is being saved to my notebook.

Still, pretty cool stuff.

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