Day One Wrap Up: Insomniac Special

It's about 4:30 local time--I swear I was tired when I got back here. Oh, well.

The conference is going really well. The presentations so far have been just fantastic--I've seen some great stuff for big games, locative media and pervasive computing. I was especially pleased to see Annika Waern and Josephine Reid present their respective papers--I've read about their other projects, so it's great to see the latest work.

The mix of presenters is also impressive. I met Alex Reeder, from ITP of all places, demoing his butterfly dress. Love me a heart-sensing wearable, I surely do. Aggelos Bousbouras created one of the most compelling computer-vision controlled audio pieces I`ve seen--it actually sounds like music! And there's some seriously technical work going on, too, with real-time cloth simulation and virtual-reality sound (as in sound created by the ¨vibration¨ of virtual objects, not canned samples).

I should try to catch a few hours sleep--I was a total zombie after 6 p.m. and tomorrow will be another long day. Nevertheless, it's already been a valuable trip. I only hope my presentation does as well as what I've seen today.

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