Bring on the noise?

The proprietors present this fine entertainment, being the podcast in which one Mr. Edwards expounds on noise, aural and digital, and how said noise ties together the coin toss, the credit card, and Guantanamo Bay. Humbly presented for your distinguished listening and with due thanks to the members of the freesound project who contributed samples of their efforts for the creation of this auditory presentation under the esteemed Creative Commons Sampling Plus license:

  • jmaimarc (coindrop1.wav)
  • Jace (Coin_dropping.wav Coin_dropping_long.wav)
  • agarwal.parag (coin2.wav)
  • Anton (scanner_NR.wav)
  • virotic (machine7.aif)
  • NoiseCollector (granugrinder.wav dime.wav)
  • dobroide (obras.mp3)
  • digifishmusic (Transaction_3_in_Department_Store_Australia.mp3)

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