Why We Should Fear YouTube

Fresh on the heels of the Boston PD detonating LED displays of Err of ATHF, as well as me listening to Brewster Kahle's talk on information, I notice that the videos of the project, made by the "guerrilla" marketers who dropped these projects onto major cities, have been removed from YouTube "by the user."

If they really were removed by the user, presumably the "Interference Information Network," then they're poseurs. Screw them for appropriating culture-jamming tools to serve one of the world's largest media companies. Screw them for turning up the heat on the rest of us to promote a dumb cartoon that's long past its peak. Screw them for having no convictions other than the criminal kind.

But if they were removed at the behest of either Google, the owner of YouTube, or Time-Warner, the aforementioned giant, then we have a much more serious problem. YouTube will not be a stable place in which to keep video. Not only will "indecent" videos be removed, so will controversial ones, historic ones... you know, ones that actually matter.

So, with that in mind, here's the video, hosted on our servers. Forever. Bite me.

ignignokt.ogg3.98 MB

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